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La vélodyssée

This cycle path, which leads from Contis beach to Lake Leon, is very close to Villa Lakocealina. It links St Julien en Born to Léon. Leon is 4.5 km from the house.The vélodyssée can be traveled in 2 hours 30 minutes, for 31 km.

“The track through the wood brings a feeling of tranquility reinforced by the smells of the pine trees forest. You can leave the track to take advantage of the ocean beaches nearby at Contis-Beach, Cap de l’Homy or St-Girons-Beach, or from the lake of Léon on arrival. The arrival to Léon will be peaceful. ” (Landes Departmental Tourism Committee)

The village of Léon

“A market is held every day on the village square from June to September; the lake of Léon and its restaurants, its banks fitted out with picnic areas, will allow a lunch stop with a view of the lake. can not leave the lake of Leon without visiting the nature reserve or take a boat trip on the Courant d’Huchet, one of the natural curiosities of the Landes coast. ” (Landes Departmental Tourism Committee)

Restaurant La Ferme d’Huchet, next to the house

“The team at Ferme d’Huchet, located a stone’s throw from the Lake of Léon, on the Vielle side, welcomes you all year round with family or friends to spend a relaxing time while savoring traditional or more contemporary dishes on our menu. flowery wooden terrace or in our air-conditioned room. Playground for children. Daily menu at 14 € for lunch on weekdays (excluding public holidays) “Return from the Market” menu at 25 € Children’s menu, full plates, pizza & Carte. You can also meet there for a drink and tapas in our lounge area and end the evening with a selection of Armagnacs, Rums and other spirits selected by us. Organization of banquets, seminars and group meals. Reservation required. “(Landes Departmental Tourism Committee)

Le pin des Landes

On ne voit en passant par les Landes désertes,

Vrai Sahara français, poudré de sable blanc,

Surgir de l’herbe sèche et des flaques d’eaux vertes

D’autre arbre que le pin avec sa plaie au flanc ;

Car, pour lui dérober ses larmes de résine,

L’homme, avare bourreau de la création, 

Qui ne vit qu’aux dépens de ce qu’il assassine,

Dans son tronc douloureux ouvre un large sillon !

Sans regretter son sang qui coule goutte à goutte,

Le pin verse son baume et sa sève qui bout,

Et se tient toujours droit sur le bord de la route,

Comme un soldat blessé qui veut mourir debout.

Le poète est ainsi dans les Landes du monde ;

Lorsqu’il est sans blessure, il garde son trésor.

Il faut qu’il ait au coeur une entaille profonde 

Pour épancher ses vers, divines larmes d’or !

España, 1840, Théophile Gautier

Wild swans on Léon Lake (November 2020)
Wild geese flying over Léon lake (November 2020)