About us

LinaMy house was not intended to be rented : I was to live there. One of my twin brothers, both architects, designed it. Family reasons have kept me in the Bordeaux region, where I teach English in a middle school. Before becoming a teacher, I lived and worked in England and Italy. Since then, I have been to the United States several times, especially to attend some of my favourite singer’s concerts. 😉 I have also been to Saint Petersburg twice, thanks to a Russian friend, who wanted to show me the country whose language I had also studied.

Today I am happy to rent this house to French, English, Spanish or Italian holiday-makers, with whom I can easily converse. And it’s always a great pleasure to receive German-speaking tourists, even if I can only talk to them in English.

I have always accepted dogs in my house, which is my modest contribution to animal welfare. My little dog’s name, Lina, appears in the name of my house « villalakocealina40 ». 🙂

My husband and I love the Landes region and coming here regularly to meet new tenants always awakens happy memories of our childhood.